10 memories we all have by playing football in the streets

Many of us have fond memories of playing football on the streets back when we were younger. To that end, here we will talk some more about our most cherished memories of that period of time. It may seem surprising – but football is a game that transcends boundaries. People of different cultures would say that they did the same things when it comes to playing football as kids.

  1. There was always a process of selection before the game

Usually, the two strongest players got to decide what players to choose on their team. The one to decide first was usually decided at a toss of the coin. Then the two players picked the other players of their teams one by one.

  1. The fat kids were last to pick

In almost every neighborhood in the world, there was a fat kid that still wanted to play football. Well, he wasn’t the first one to be picked – for obvious reasons. So, he was usually picked as the last players.

  1. Sometimes, a girl came to play football with the boys

As there were fat kids, there were also girls. The boys were usually reluctant to allow the girls to play alongside them. But there were some girls that were absolute beasts on the field. So, they got to play alongside the boys.

  1. The cars on the streets were a minor nuisance

Many kids back in the day didn’t have a luxury of playing football on a regular field. So, they did what they could and they found a level, firm ground to play on – the street. Every once in a while, a car would pass. The game would stop for a moment until the car passed. Then the game continued as if nothing happened.

  1. Bitter rivalries were formed between two neighborhoods

There were usually different football teams between the neighborhoods. And the best players of both teams came to duke it out together. And there were many instances when things escalated and kids started fighting. But everything always went well in the end – as if nothing had happened.

  1. Sometimes there simply was no ball to play with

Balls were scarce back in the day. So, if the players couldn’t get a ball – they did what they could. They used tin cans, plastic bottles – anything that they could use to play. The feeling was never the same – but it was still lots of fun and laughs.

  1. The ball owner was the most important kid to call on

Everybody would gather round and then go to the ball owner. He was the one with the power in hands, so he made all decisions about the teams. And the game ended when he decided it was enough.

  1. Kids took turns on the goal

As the balls were scarce – so were the goalkeepers. Nobody wanted to be a goalie back in the day – everyone wanted to play. So, players frequently took turns during the game on the goal.

  1. It was a disaster if a ball got flat

If a ball got flat then the kids were starting to throw fits. It meant that everyone would have to go home disappointed.

  1. The older kids always had their way

If the younger kids were playing when the older kids came – then the younger kids had to leave the “pitch”. It was the law of the strongest at play here. Many kids have the experience of going home disappointed after being chased away by the bigger, stronger kids.


If you have played football as a child, then you definitely have some of these beloved, highly-cherished memories.

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